Tumblr Follower Counter and Unfollower Tracker

We're aware of a few bugs that causes the script to disable itself or the unfollower tracker to mess up. We have learned a lot from this beta test and will be completely rewriting the script eventually. Not all counters/trackers are bugged, so once we are done with the rewrite, the script will work a lot better. If it has stopped working a simple fix for now is to click connect then allow and visit your blog URL and it will start tracking again.

  • Track your weekly growth/loss in followers.
  • Display your follower count to your visitors.
  • See your weekly/monthly/yearly follower count forecast.
  • See how active your followers are.
  • Find out who unfollowed you or renamed/deleted their blog.
  • Follower counter updates every hour.
  • Tracker updates every 24 hours.
  • No need to install any browser extensions nor any software,
        simply click allow and place the html code provided on your blog.

  • Example: 11406 Followers

    Example: 11,406 Followers

    When clicking allow you will give freehostedscripts.net the right to read your follower count and followers. Tumblr allows an option to read/write to your blog, as with any App that you allow they have the option to post on your Tumblr, freehostedscripts.net will never post anything on your blog and we assure you that its 100% safe. No account data can be gathered, like email or passwords by clicking allow. The "Tumblr follower counter/tracker" freehostedscripts.net offers is a public counter/tracker and must be placed on a corresponding blog you wish to start tracking, it also has to remain on that blog to keep counting/tracking. freehostedscripts.net is not affiliated/endorsed with © Tumblr, Inc

    Whats new:
    The counter/tracker is still under BETA testing. Tracker is now live and more options to come soon!